F.C.I. is a company specializing in the
installation of equipment and cabling for the
broadcast and AV industry.

We have been involved in projects with virtually every major broadcaster in Canada, as well as a lot of the smaller post houses and production facilities. We have built production mobiles and television stations, dubbing facilities and audio recording studios, wired boardrooms, classrooms, assembly halls, and council chambers.

Our expertise is installing equipment and wiring for technical systems and also the on-site management and collaboration that goes into the successful execution of any project.

Ultimately, our strength is in our people. Over the years we have developed a crew with strong technical and management expertise. This expertise is recognized throughout the industry and FCI has developed a reputation for efficient, quality work. That is the reason our customers call us back time and time again.

FCI came into being in 1988 and incorporated as FCI Technical Installations Inc. in 1996. At any given time we have about 35 installers working on various projects. Most of our work is done on-site but there are times when it makes sense to do some preliminary work in the form of pre-cutting cable, making up harnesses or in some cases completely pre-wiring racks of gear. We do this type of work at our warehouse in Vaughan where we have our office and staging area.


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